Friday, May 27, 2005


Since my last blog entry not much has happened. On monday my car broke down. on tuesday I overslepot. On wednsday I burnt my eye on steaming hot black coffee. yesterday I cracked a tooth. today I got it fixed.

Other than general work crap that's about it.

Oh, so far the best proposed theme for schpatcon 6 is 'schpatcon: Hex'. Leave comments in the comments section.

I'd love to entertain you lot more, but I just don't have the energy right now.


Also work has implemented new web restriction type software and now I can't access many web sites. What's odd is that other people in my office can. I've checked everything I can think of (lan connection settings) but I just can't figure out the problem. If anyone can think of a reason that the guy sitting next to me has different access to the internet when we both have the same settings, please just leave me a comment or mail me.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I went to Waynne's party on saturday night, and had rather too much to drink and got rather too drunk. I tend to do this at parties, it's hard to maintain the perfect balance between stone-cold-sober and pissed-outa-my-skull that is pleasantly-tipsy. You see by the time I've reached the pleasantly-tipsy state the alcohol in my system has only just started taking effect. If only there was a button that you could press and achieve the perfect level of intoxication with out the possibility of going overboard. In this case schpat was bad, bad schpat, down! And my apologies to all that were offended, harassed or otherwise abused.

Regardless of my need to apologise I really did enjoy myself, thanks Waynne. It was a blast seeing some of the people I haven't seen in ages.

Oh, btw did I mention to you that the poster for the new Paris Hilton movie, "House of Wax", looks like someone made 'angry dragon' on her face. This is funny in light of Paris' movie debut "One night in Paris".


In other news:
My car broke down yesterday and I had to get some bergies to push it out of the traffic, luckily it was really close to work and I just walked the rest of the way. But I only recovered the damn thing at 9:30 last night, and finally got home just in time to watch "the practice", which Elisabeth had recorded. Man that program is great. James Spader plays this really ott layer with morality and self esteem issues, it's a perfect role for him. Last episode they introduced William Shatner's character, an even more eccentric lawyer. I like bill, his acting has improved since ST:TOS. Also his last single was really good, if anyone has the mp3, please let me know.

Tonight is another tuesday night at alex and chelle's, there may be games, there may be survivor, but we never know. It's mysterious like that!


Friday, May 20, 2005


Well yes, all you people out there that read my blog religiously (thanks d@ve) are sure want to know what I thought of it. Here is the NO SPOILER version.

SWIII:ROTS was fukking great. It is possibly the best SW movie ever, but I haven’t seen the original three recently enough to actually remember. I'll have to buy the DVD boxed set, when I can afford it. There was a lot of really good action, not too much soppy stuff and great character development and plot, with some interesting turns. I say turns because they weren’t totally unexpected, but they were very well executed. Anakin turning was really nicely done. It really was my kinda sci-fi movie. (If you consider me telling you that Anakin turns a spoiler then you must be like 12, and stupid)

A word of warning though, don't take young children to see this movie, unless they are desensitised to evil. There is very bad mojo at work during this film and the good mojo does not win, at least not until later, but you already knew that right?

I've read a few reviews of the movie now and I tend to disagree with them. I don't think the acting or the script was that bad, it was perfect. This movie had some of the best scenes in the franchise, and I don't just mean cgi either. There was one particular "OMG that's shocking" moment that was really disturbing. There were also some nice touches with the look of the various ships, there were x-wing, a-wing, star-destroyer and tie fighter predecessors. The emperor’s shuttle was exactly the same. There was also a scene (outside the senate) where a millennium falcon style freighter lands.

Yoda is the most believable cgi character I've ever seen (or probably been aware of). His mannerisms, movements, expressions... everything. He is also without a doubt the coolest jedi ever, not just the most powerful.

George, you've r0><><0r3d><><0r.

I'd like to thank all the people that saw the movie with me, it was definitely a better experience for having you along.

Web Comic Update:
I found the one I was talking about yesterday, here's the link: . Be sure to check out the six weeks of SW stuff in the archives, they are conveniently arranged by story line in a dropdown.

Otherwise not much happened. Dave gave me a Ratskin Gang for Necromunda. I've promised to paint them and start a campaign, as soon as I've got time.

SW has really put me in the mood for Serenity.

I also really thought this PVP was great


Thursday, May 19, 2005

SWIII Tonight

Damn my crummy memory. Last month while browsing various web comics I came across a few gems. One was MouseWax ( and another had a really cool special series of SW rip-off strips. Needless to say I bookmarked the MouseWax strip but not the other, and now I can't find it. I've caught up on the last two weeks of PVP ( but there wasn't enough backlog to be satisfing. Web comics are best read in chunks, I'm still trying to determine the size of the optimal chunk. MouseWax is cool, it stars, or actually stared, Jesus Christ as a lackless layabout, but he recently died. If other, perhaps more popular, JC fiction is anything to go by he may be making a reapearance. This strip is also responsible for the Pronstation Pronable!

Yes I'm still looking forward to SWIII, I'm leaving work early and running some errands, then bugging alex until the movie starts, luckely alex doesn't mind being bugged.

In other news: Donald Trump is offering to rebuild the WTC. He called the current plans "the worst pile of crap architecture I've ever seen". He wants another two towers but bigger and better than before. I think he's offering to pay for the new towers, and he'll probably do the favour of owning and renting them out for us! I say DT, you got balls man!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

a blog is born

I've set up this new blog page. If you don't know me I wonder why you are reading this? If you do know me same thing! I'm not really known for leading an interesting life.

Also my spelling really sucks and I don't care! Deal!

Anyway, so for the first entry:

Worked hard yesterday, but the details would bore you. Whent round to chelle and alex's place for role-playing but watched survivor instead and played a great game of insult majong with alex, jason and yanke. Insult majong is exactly like normal majong except that there is much moaning about ball sucking and allusions to opponents sexual habits with farm animanls. It does get quite personal.

btw: A study of 51 chronic zoophiles found that for 88 percent of the women the main motive was "emotional involvement," whereas 59 percent of the men said they did it because it was cheaper. Ain't it always the way? (straight dope)

Then chelle kicked us out at about 23:30, her hands were cold from playing with her jewels.

Then I got home and read for a bit and went to sleep.

I also tried my cracker last night but it malfunctioned after just 2 applications, back to the drawing board to redesign the offending component. The results for the first two attemps were resuondingly positive. If you have no clue what I'm talking about the cracker will be in use on saturday night, hopefully it'll be a better evil waynne inducer than ghost pops!

Diet update: Yes currently, as of sunday, I've lost 10.25 kg. Yay me, but my diet is destined to suffer this week, I've got a pretty full schedule. Tomorrow night is SWIII, then friday is Elisabeth's birthday and saturday is waynnes party. I intend being sinful on all three occasions.

SWIII: I'm really excited about seeing the flick, I've done my best not to get any information about the movie, but I just couldn't resist watching the trailer. This means that I'm probably going to enjoy it more. Plus I have a little surprize for the other 10 people tagging along. I've also set my ring tone to the imperial march, did I mention I am excited?

Remember at the top I told you that I wouldn't elaborate on my work becasuse it would bore you? Well maybe I should've said bore you more than the rest of my life.